Our Goals

Environmental Efficiency

Vertical farming is the way of the future. The goal is to produce healthier crops, people, and land. More yield per square foot, using 10% of the water required by a conventional farm of equal size, puts 21st century farming in our community!

Cultural Awareness

Community supported agriculture is the only way to achieve organic results for positive health practices. Our community has to be educated and oriented into the process,especially the youth, for a solid operative foundation for economic success and environmental prosperity

Economic Soundness

This program will produce and distribute healthy food throughout Orlando, providing fresh, local food and plants for distribution. Economic sustainability can be reached without continual handouts – empowering our community to Grow Orlando!


In order for true sustainability, environment, culture, and economy must be connected. Our method is dedicated to helping the community by giving them the opportunity to help themselves and prosper.

About Grow Orlando

Accessible food should not destroy You or the Earth.

Food deserts and areas of economic disparity are in almost every city, including Orlando. The current solutions to this problem, i.e. building personal gardens, teaching food-prep courses, and one-time how-to-shop-on-a-budget seminars are good but inadequate for long term change. We believe food deserts have more than just food problems – the problem has to be approached through economic, cultural, and environmental solutions for any lasting change to happen. We’re here Grow Orlando from the inside, out! Our mission is to ‘Grow the O’: to positively change the future of our communities by teaching life skills through plant cultivation and provide jobs in agriculture. Come and grow with us as we quench the food deserts in our community!

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